Downloading: Mystique


  • Width layout: fixed, fluid
  • Columns: 1, 2 & 3 column layouts
  • Color schemes: green, blue, red, grey


  • Sitewide_header included for easier multi-blogging experience


  • Fixed compatibility issues with version 6.6+.


  • "Popular" tab removed from sidebar widget due to Item::$views is not available any more
  • Fixed compatibility issues with version 6.5+.
  • Public Github repository available to follow further development and support:


  • Fixed jQuery Fancybox issue due to the "browser" property has been removed from jQuery



  • Support for Buttons and Thumbnails helpers feature of the Fancybox plugin

v2.0.2 (thanks to @achillis)

  • The related post link.

    The related post link gives related links to posts only, so for page type posts it shows "No related Posts". It has been updated to display 'Related Posts' for item type [1] (Posts) and display 'Related Links' for item type [1000] (pages).

  • FancyBox updated from version 1.2.1 (13/03/2009), to version: 2.1.5 (Fri, 14 Jun 2013)


  • Youtube icon in header


  • Added "My latest tweets" widget
  • Post images open in Lightbox
  • Added Facebook, Flickr, Myspace and LinkedIn buttons
  • Display custom logo, blog title and tagline
  • Control the number of comments, posts, archives and tags in Tabbed widget
  • Control the number of Related posts
  • Footer credits can be disabled
  • Bugfixes

Since v1.0

  • After posts & Post bottom containers
  • Advanced Search ready
  • Social bookmarks
  • Gravatars in comments
  • Separate lists for comments and trackbacks
  • Related posts list
  • Website thumbnail previews
  • Print stylesheet
  • Fully translatable (Russian translation included)
  • Lots of settings to play with :-)